Images, stories, music and lots more  from  around County Down

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Paintings of prehistoric structures

This online gallery shows some of my paintings, mainly of Strangford Lough which is situated in Co Down in the North East of Ireland, its ancient Irish name of  Lough Cuan, means Loch of the Harbour's.

Co Down’s rich and varied history, from its Bronze Age past to the arrival of St Patrick, who is believed to have landed in Lecale in 432 AD and where later many of the wealthy Christian Monasteries that dotted its shores and islands of Strangford Lough, were plundered by the Norse Vikings in the 9th and 10th centuries.

By the 12th century Norman Knights fought Irish chieftains for possession of the rich and verdant land that surrounds Lough Cuan and this fight for possession continued through to the 16th century plantation of Ulster.

You can read about some of the myths associated with Ireland and Co Down and Strangford Lough.

Around Strangford Lough

Prehistoric & Mythology

Paintings of Strangford Lough Delamont Millenium Stone More paintings of The Mourne Mountains

Panorama of eight watercolours painted from Slieve Patrick

Around Killyleagh

View some paintings of historical sites in Ireland The Children of Lir turned into swans

If you are interested in any paintings or are planning a wedding or a function of any kind, which harp music might enhance, please contact me.

I have a wide and varied repertoire of music which can be tailored to fit your special occasion.

Delamont Millennium Stone

The Mourne Mountains

Yachts on Strangford Lough